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we'll take a live look at how the east coast is preparing for hurricane earl coming up. the two frontrunners in the race for d.c. mayor are debating live on fox 5 morning news later today. we have the latest on the
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campaign trail as the heated race moves closer to the primary. good morning to you. it is friday morning, september 3rd. you see the washington monument. we are vague beautiful morning here but we are keeping a close watch on earl. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm sarah simmons in for steve chenevey this hour. he will be along a little bit later. a live look now at ocean city where one of our own, fox 5's sherry ly, is out there this morning. we'll talk with her in a little bit. but this vacation hot spot, for hurricane earl, this is taking a battering there. governor martin o'malley has already put a state of emergency in place. >> but it is north carolina that is taking the brunt of the storm this morning. high winds and heavy surf are slamming the outer banks. president obama signed an emergency declaration for north carolina earlier this week. red cross workers and fema teams are also ready to go. this is a picture of nags head there. >> they are getting hit right
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now. >> it is. the storm has now been downgraded to a category two but it is still a big storm. >> huge storm. hurricane force winds that extend about 07 miles from the center and tropical force winds several hundred miles from the center. as it gets farther north, it has a tendency to stretch out as it falls apart. we'll get bands of rain making it as far north and west as the washington area. very impressive. you can see it here tracking off to the north and to the east as we speak. and again, a category two hurricane, maximum winds now 105 miles per hour. it has lost some steam overnight. can you see it there just pushing up to the north and to the north and east moving about 18 miles per hour. recent pressure, 955 millibars. so it is losing as i mentioned some intensity. we can expect 30 to 40, maybe even 50-mile an hour wind gusts
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down in ocean city later this morning as it continues to press on. out to the north and west, can you see a cold front. that will bring us a great looking weekend. there is a closer look at earl. it is losing some of its distinctive features. that eye wall is starting to collapse. it will maintain its intensity as it pushes off to the north and east. remember yesterday, it is is a major hurricane with winds approach aring 170 miles per hour. so not quite the beast it was yesterday. 78degrees at reagan national. humidity, 66%. wind are out of the east at seven miles per hour. our forecast is not a bad one. clouds will start the day. we'll have more sunshine later. there could be a few bands of rain that sneak as far north and west as the washington area. i think some of our viewers just south and east see a little rain. generally partly cloudy skies with highs about 90. >> okay. looking forward if a nice long weekend. >> you got it. >> let's check in with julie wright with the late off the traffic for us. >> good morning to you all. right on the roads, here we go
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southbound i-95 in a jam at this point because of an accident down in newington tying up the two left lanes. that explains the slow traffic leaving the capital beltway. pace improves headed down into woodbridge. coming northbound being we have the crash before triangle. that activity on the shoulder. 66 eastbound not looking so bad right now leaving fair oaks towards 123 open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. we have more now on hurricane earl, the category two storm making itself felt on the maryland show. >> the wind gusts are picking up. we'll head out to sherry ly standing by with more. >> reporter: we are expecting the win to go up throughout the day. hurricane earl way offshore about 150 miles.
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it is expected to pass offshore from ocean city but we are going to feel the effects and we are already feeling those. a little bit of rain here and there. if you take a look out here at the ocean, can you see we've got the waves really picking up. this is the tide going out towards low tide. so that is one benefit that we're having as far as the timing of this storm. take a look overhead from the fourth floor of our hotel. we have a camera up there that can give you an idea of just how expansive this is and how rough that surf is out there. it is really coming in good. we've got the winds expected here about 0 to 40 miles per hour sustained winds and winds of 50 to 55 miles per hour as fars the gusts are concerned. the worst really hasn't happened just yet. we are still waiting on the brunt of hurricane earl to arrive here and a lot of people say with earl weakening through outthe day yesterday, now, just 105 miles per hour, things could have been worse. >> you never know what nature
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is going to do and a lot of things, thing dos change. it could have just as lisely became stronger if water temperatures were maybe a little bit higher but font fortunately, in this case, that is not the case -- but fortunately, in this case, that is not the case. bullet. you could say we did >> reporter: we are seeing people out on the boardwalk would have been coming out just curious. seen a few more coming out recently. we can see there are police officers who have begun to come out here and monitor the situation just in case there is trouble. we are being told the brunt of hurricane earl expected around 10:00 to noon today so we are waiting for the rest of him to arrive. that is the late here in ocean city. back to you. a lot of people want to get a peek of that. thank you. now, to our other big story, the on top two candidates in d.c.'s democratic mayoral primary will debate live here in the fox 5 studios. >> holly morris is joining us live with more on that and the
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late in this race. >> the mayoral race is getting down to the wire. "washington post" shows mayor fenty trailing council chair vincent gray by 17 percentage points even toe residents say they do like what the mayor has done with and in the city. this past monday, early voting for registered voters started at the board of elects and it continues and four more early voting centers will open tomorrow. it appears though that the candidates think women voters could be a deciding factor as both have put women in visible places within their respective campaigns. vincent gray was courting rotors the home court of mary chai who endorses the politic wholeheartedly. >> vince gray is progressive, he is reformist. >> reporter: meanwhile, people are still talking about mayor fenty's wife and her emotional display after wednesday's debate at the newseum. >> the politic of fear that going back somewhere vince gray
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is progressive, he is reformist. >> obviously, that was the wrong bite there. but you probably recall if you've been following this that at the newseum, mayor fenty's wife wife who is usually not seen a lot in public was there at the debate and afterwards she commented on what she thought was the attacks that are coming against her husband and she got very emotional and a lot of people have been talking about that. the question is, is it a coincidence that both of these campaigns have women in visible spots or is it a carefully crafted campaign tactic? that and a lot more will be addressed starting at 9:00 a.m. this morning with our debate. it will last one hour. the candidates will be answering questions views are sent in along with questions from our panel of fox 5 journalists. our own steve chenevey will be moderating. the debate lasts one hour. it will take place in our studios. you can watch it live or online as we will be streaming it live. it is interesting because the candidates have been in a
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couple of debates already. so gurvir, you and our other journalists i know will be on your toes because they will be ready for questions. >> the bottom line is to give the view airs chance to hear what the candidates have to day say to make a wise decision come primary day. >> interesting to see how many are still undecided. >> thank you. we'll be right back.  air has no prejudice...
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police are investigating an overnight crash in prince george's county. this was the scene along route # 10 and old fort road in fort washington. officials say four off-duty police officers were injured in the accident. one officer is in serious condition. other three have nonlife- threatening or meunchor injuries. we don't know us what caused this crash. montgomery county police searched wheaton home of the suspected discovery channel gunman and found four more
6:13 am
explosives in addition to the four claims gee allegedly brought to the scoffy building on wednesday. investigators say he had an arsenal with him including two starter pistols, two propane tanks attached to pipes loaded with shotgun shells, two pipe bombs with fireworks and explosives inside. and he was holding a switch with a wire attached to it. now, back to the other morning's big story we are also talking about hurricane earl bearing down on north carolina's outer banks at this very hour. >> it is still on track to impact our area's beaches right at the beginning of the long labor day weekend. we'll get the latest on the storm's path whether fox 5 morning news returns. -- when fox 5 morning news returns.  when the stage is set.
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and for the gas rewards program. it saves me a lot of money, and that works for me. check this week's circular and earn gas rewards. only with your giant card. south we are less than three hours out now from what promises to be a heated debate on fox amorning news. tease chair adrian fenty and council chair vincent gray will be live on fox amorning news for a debate.
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they will be answering questions live. we'll be streaming the debate on also. we are all watching hurricane earl this morning as the storm continues to make its way up the east coast. the outer banks started feeling the impact early on this morning. president obama has already signaled an emergency declaration -- or signed an emergency declaration for north carolina. fema teams have been dispatch ad cross the east coast including to maryland and virginia. a state of emergency is already in effect in both states. you can see why when you take a look at the winds out there. >> about >> the good new is it is dragging the worst of its energy away from us. we'll still get gusty winds along the beaches. >> this was a major hurricane yesterday. let's get to t i'll show you the satellite-radar.
6:18 am
again, the eye never making landfall although it is brushing the coast of the carolinas up into southern maryland here and southeast maryland as we speak. rain bands as you can see, most impressive, very heavy rain. we've got wind gusts reported up to about 70 miles per hour earlier this morning in cape hatteras. i mentioned it is pushing off to the north and east. it is getting kind of stretched out now. you can see it getting dragged there to the north and east and away from the washington area. the cloud shield all the way back into western maryland and western virginia and that will kind of get pushed out too. so hang in there. we'll have a left cloud cover and even some light showers. but later this afternoon, here in the washington area, i think we'll break out into partly sunny skies with high temperatures about 90 or so. it will be a decent day once we get earl out of here. let's go to the local radar. i want to show you what is happening here locally. you will be able to see that we got some rain not too far away. ocean city, we expected the rain. but some of the the bands of rain have pushed closer to washington, down aross the
6:19 am
southern potomac and outermost band associated with earl is now west of the city, some very light sprinkles out 66. out west are fredericksburg, out towards front royal. reston, you might see a couple of light sprinkles. kind it pick it out there if you look very carefully. all of this is kind of getting thrown back off from the ocean but it is being dragged out. so i think the worst of the rain will be over here in a couple of hours t should start it push -- it should start to push off not north and east. the wind gusts are not terribly impressive here in town but we are starting to see them pick up along coastal communities. virginia beach, about 35. worst of the winds off to our south and east this morning. i would expect this morning down here across the lower eastern shore, winds will pick up during the mid- to late morning. tropical track, let's talk about it. maximum winds, 105 miles per hour. there it goes. it will race off to the north
6:20 am
and east. kind of clip here the southeast massachusetts on its way out of town and then into the canadian maritimes. still a hurricane. it will be a minimal hurricane when it gets up into canada. it will create a mess here up into long island, eastern portions of massachusetts as it gets out of here during the late afternoon today into the daytime hours tomorrow. for us, it will get better from here. 91degrees. partly sunny skies. mostly sunny late anterior this afternoon. winds around here, breezy at times. out of the north 10 to 15 gutting to about 0 and the five- day forecast, if you want a nice weekend, you are going to love this labor day weekend. look at that. 80degrees tomorrow. 81 on sunday. 83 on monday. we will warm occupy tuesday but there is for rain in our five- day forecast other than these bands of earl that are currently touching us this morning. that is a look at the weather. let's got to on-time traffic and julie wright has the latest. >> we'll start off with the crew in sky fox and say good morning to them. they are flying high in prince george's ant county over the
6:21 am
beltway near 202. -- they are flying high in prince george's county over the play near 202. this is northbound 95-495 at 202. we'll update the ride in virginia. it's slow go right now southbound on i-95. against the rush hour flow from the beltway headed down towards newington. that is where we have traffic squeezing by using the two right lanes only. northbound rubbernecking delays begin at route 2 in wood bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we just want to give you a reminder if you are planning on taking metro over the long labor day weekend, five stayings on the red line are going to be closed. metro is working on one of the largest maintenance projects in the system's history putting safety improvements in place. those recommended by the ntsb following last year's deadly red line crash. starting at 10:00 tonight, tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont stayings will close. service will resume at those stayings at 5:00 tuesday morning.
6:22 am
business beat is coming up next. we are looking ahead to today's unemployment report when fox 5 morning news continues. d
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be sure to tune in to fox 5 morning news at 9:00 a.m. today. d.c. mayor adrian fenty and council chair vincent gray are going to go head to head live. this is for the d.c. mayoral primary that is coming up. today, the frontrunners will answer your questions live and we're also streaming the debate on >> thank you. signs are pointing to another rise in the nation's unemployment rate. the latest numbers from the labor department will be out this morning. let's head up to new york and chris cotter with fox business to talk more about that. chris, yesterday, the dow had -- there was some good mechanic economic news so the dow finished up 51 points. that unemployment number is not expected to be good today.
6:26 am
>> no, all of that really, the whole three-day winning streak that we are on on the dow right now could be for naught at 80 this morning when we get the nonfarm payroll report from the labor department. we know we'll lose jobs because ever all the temporary census workers now that the government has been letting go over the last couple of months. last month, included. so on a net basis we'll lose jobs. the key is how many private sector jobs are added. those are the long-term sustainable jobs and that is where the job growth is going to come in the future. we are expecting somewhere in the 40,000 private sector jobs added during the month. it is not a good number. you have to keep in mind something. you will hear a lot of different things from a lot of people. you have to be way over 100,000 jobs, like 125,000 or 10,000 jobs added every month just to keep up with the population growth in this country. when you add 40,000 jobs, on a net basis, we are losing jobs than will drive the whole market today. we've had decent chain store sales number, teasent housing
6:27 am
number. it doesn't matter if we don't have the jobs number this morning. >> we'll be watching what happens. thank you. you have a good day today. >> we're following two big stories. first, the late on hurricane earl. that storm has battered north carolina's outer banks. the effects are being felt on language our area beaches. also ahead, d.c. mayor adrian fenty and council chairman vincent gray will face off on fox 5 morning news beginning at 9:00 this morning. it's live debate. stay with us. it is 6:27. we are coming right back. 
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we are continuing to track how hurricane earl is affecting things. a state of emergency is in
6:31 am
effect in maryland and virginia so that emergency crews can be dispatched quickly if necessary. >> the outer banks are taking a hard hit at this hour too. president obama has already signed an emergency deck lahring a at the request of north carolina's governor. red cross disaster workers have also been sent to the states and team ateams have been dispatched up and down the east coast. that is including in virginia and in maryland. take a look at the winds. >> i was telling you earlier, yesterday afternoon from our house, you could actually see the out are bands of earl. >> the cloud cover that moved in. we are getting the very outer bands of rain starting to move into the washington area. a couple of light sprinkals and passing showers is all socialed with earl. -- a couple of light sprinkles and passing showers is all associated with earl. beautiful live shot down there
6:32 am
in ocean city this morning. we'll show you the radar. you'll be able to see that earl continues to push off to the north and east now moving at about 18 miles per hour so it will be out of here quickly. that is hd radar. that is showing you the local rain. and you can eocean city getting some rain showers south and east of fredericksburg. we are get something rain across the lower potomac. southern chesapeake, some rain showers and a few of those light showers actually made it west of the city in the past hour. don't be surprised if you don't see a sprinkle and the cloud cover you see this morning is associated with earl. let's move onto max 2. there you go. you can seat -- see the swirl. of a been watching virginia beach. winds are gusting to about 40 miles per hour there now. that will be moving up the coast and out to sea here as the eye continues to drive all the energy associated with earl a little farther away from us. here is the good news. ads earl pushes off to the
6:33 am
north and east being our skies will start to clear a little later this afternoon and we'll be in for partly sunny conditions around here. a little breezy at times with our winds out of the north at dodgeed a big one here as this storm mostly is out to sea. 7 # -- 78 degrees at reagan national. our forecast, we'll see some sunshine this afternoon. high temperatures about 90 or so. if you hang in there, i will show you a fantastic labor day weekend forecast. i think just about everybody will love it. >> that is great. >> will the rain be light today that we'll see? >> very light locally. heavier as you get closer to the beaches. >> thank you, tuck. let's check in with julie wright with the latest on traffic. >> usually, the getaway starts on thursday afternoon and then we have a lot of that holiday getaway on friday afternoon. but that is not the case this morning. we started off earlier with a crash involving a police cruiser. that is what callers are
6:34 am
telling us. i-95 as you work your way south to newington. traffic is jammed up badly heading in the direction of woodbridge. folks coming found, they can see all of this activity and they are rubbernecking past the scene. they've got delays from route one even though all of their lanes are open headed northbound trying to leave woodbridge and head up towards newington. spotty delays between anen dale and mare i field. the lanes are open. southbound # 70 on the slow side headed for the truck scales. -- southbound 270 the slow side headed for the truck scales. >> the cat impurey two storm making itself fell along the -- the category to storm making itself felt along the shores. >> we'll led out to sherry ly. are the winds picking up even more out there now? >> they are picking up a little bit more. more often as those outer bands from hurricane earl come in here. we are down here actually out on the beach now and we can really feel a lot stronger out
6:35 am
here. take a look out here at the waves. can you see we've got monster waves that have been coming in here and there. and what is interesting to me today this morning is we can really see the waves breaking much further offshore as well. it is very choppy. we are seeing a lot of sea spray. the winds right now just about 35 miles per hour as far as the gusts are concerned. take a look from our overhead camera down on the north floor of our hotel. can you really get an idea of joust how rough the seas are out here. hurricane earl is expected to pass about 150 miles off the coast here but we are still going to get pounded with those high winds. 0 to 40 miles per hour sustained. 50 to 55 miles per hour. they are expecting some low- highing areas to have some flooding. they do have police out here along the boardwalk in case there is trouble. the water is off limits to swimming. people can still come out here on the beach and we are see something people would have
6:36 am
come out here on the beach. they are just curious and as hurricane earl has weakened, some people have become complacent about the danger. >> we're up in maryland. we are anot in florida. it is not new orleans or outer banks. there is not many hurricanes that come up this way so by the time they come up here, there is not that much going on. >> reporter: and the worst of hurricane earl is expected to come this way between 10:00 and noon we are now being told. that is a little later than initially forecast. the police are out here again patrolling the boardwalk just to make sure nobody gets any funny ideas to try to go out there on the water and get themself into trouble. the storm is expected to quickly pass here. some businesses have decided to close today but others say they are going to ride out the storm and they will be open. some tourists awell staying through the night. some of them just want it be
6:37 am
here and watch the storm. others just want to salvage their vacation and the rest of the weekend should be nice. back to you. >> exactly. tuck are says if we can make it through today, it should be a pretty decent weekend. >> i big storm out there for those guys but a big day ahead here fox 5 morning news for us. a big day in the race to d.c. mayor. >> the two leading democrats in the primary race, mayor fenty and council chair vincent gray will square off in another debate right here in the studio. holly morris is here with more on what we can expect. >> good morning to both of you. mayor fenty's and arrogance, the high cost of parking in the city, hot topics concerning the mayoral race and topic that will be debated this morning in our studios when mayor adrian fenty and council chair vincent gray face off for one hour. while many d.c. residents say they are difficult deciding, it appears as of late that both candidates think that women
6:38 am
voters could be the key. vincent gray was campaigning hard on the home turf of mary chay who gave the council chair her endorsement. >> this politics of fear that going back somewhere, vince gray is progressive, he is reformist. >> while on wednesday, at the debate at the newseum, michelle fenty was in attendance and emotionally defended her husband. >> at this point in time, i feel compelled to speak because there are so many misconceptions about my husband. >> that comment was coming on the heels of the "washington post" poll which shows the mayor trailing gray by 17 percentage points even though d.c. residents say they like what the mayor has done in the city. do they like him? that is the question. who do you like in -- who do you like? perhaps you will get your answer this morning. >> a coin toss will determine the order in which they give their opening statements. we have awe fan el of four fox
6:39 am
5 journalists who will act questions. candidates get one minute to answer, 0 seconds for rebuttal and 30 seconds for counter rebuttal. we will get through as many questions as we can through the hour. be sure to stay tuned. fenty and gray face off right here live gaining at 9:00 a.m. this morning. >> stoiment should be interesting. early voting begins today in maryland for the state's upcoming primary. this is the first time maryland has offered the option. early voting centers will be open through next thursday. keep in mind, they will be closed this sunday. maryland's gubernatorial primary is coming up september 4th. another big story we are following. investigators are learning more about the man behind wednesday's standoff at the discovery channel headquarters in silver spring. bob barnard has more on what
6:40 am
neighbors are say bath life of james lee. >> please stay here for an announcement. move as far away from the building as you can. >> reporter: one day after the madness and his death, we're learning that james lee was an angry loner with a long standing hatred for the discovery channel who was not afraid to kill his hostages. >> i'm sure it was terrifying for those three men that were there because they were listening toking to what he was saying and he made it very clear that he was willing to kill himself and take them with him. >> reporter: home for lee was this house on kimberly street in wheaton. neighbors tell is us he had been renting a back room for the past several months. >> sort of unemotional. didn't seem like he wanted to interact much. very friendly neighborhood, people say hi, wave. just didn't seem to have that interest in socializing. >> i never saw him smile. always bitter, always serious looking. >> reporter: the next door neighbor said lee had a soft
6:41 am
spot for squirrels but even that caused trouble. >> from day one, hi a bone to pick with him. wanted him to stop feeding the squirrels or the rats will -- it was a messy problem here for us. >> reporter: it appears james lee moved to maryland from california simply to channel his anger about the environment directly toward discovery. morgue state's attorney john mccarthy. >> he paid homeless people to pro test along with him. if you yelled the loudest, he would give awe i bonus of cash. >> reporter: mccarthy says what inspired lee to start tossing $0,000 in cash into the air in silver spring? february of 2008 was something police had just told him. >> he gave a homeless man a thousand dollars for writing an essay. other homeless men found out he had $1,000 he robbed him and they hospitalized him. >> list had hoped lee would
6:42 am
react to the news by keeping his money to himself. bob barnard, fox 5 news. lee was charged with and convicted of disorderly coact for that money-throwing protest -- disorderly conduct for that money-throwing protest. audrey barnes has more on this story. >> reporter: good morning. employees who fled the discovery channel headquarters building on wednesday when james lee burt in and took the three men hostage were allowed back in yesterday to retrieve their belongings. they won't return to work until tuesday. and in the brief few minutes that they all shared yesterday when they came back to the building, they shared a lot of tears and also that no one was hurt. cribs from the day care center that were wheeled out with babies in them were returned to the building. it was perhaps those pictures of the children coming out that really illustrate what was at
6:43 am
stake here. even though the standoff ended with the best possible outcome for employees, some say they are having trouble putting it all behind them. >> i'm sure it was terrifying for those thee men that were there because they were listening to what he was saying and he made it very clear he was willing to kill himself and take them with him. >> people were like, i am literally shaking. look at my hands. >> i don't think anyone is expecting the trauma of yesterday to be over any time soon. >> reporter: crisis counselors will be available to employ yeas for as long as they need them. as for the hostages, their identities are being closely guarded. we do know that the security guard was a military veteran who did a tour in iraq. police say he was a calming
6:44 am
influence throughout. no word on when or if he will return to discovery headquarters. we do know that employees hugged the security guards on hand. they now know what it means to be last line of defense. live at headquarter, audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> thank you so much. we are going to get another update on hurricane earl in just a few minutes. >> and the effects of the storm, they are already being felt on some area beaches at this very hour. coastal cities up and down the east coast, they are making sure they are ready. a look at how the storm will impact us here at home when fox 5 morning news continues. this droid has evolved to do even more.
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what else can we talk about but earl? >> the rain we are seeing already in the area. >> yes, the outer bounds of earl. the worst of it across the
6:48 am
carolinas. most of the energy here out to sea so this could have been a lot worse considering it was a major hurricane yesterday. nevertheless, any time you talk about a hurricane in the mid- atlantic being you got to keep a close eye on it. maximum winds about 105 miles per hour. there is the ht radar. sarah mentioned rain locally but not here in town but off to the south an east aross southern maryland across the potomac there, southern chesapeake getting some very good rain. owe hen city now getting some rain. just looking at another radar, pretty good band of rain, significant band of rain just off the coast. that will pinwheel back to the west here. i would expect heavy rain, maybe some gusty winds along the beaches here in the income hour. off to the north and west, we had a couple of light sprinkles. here is the bigger pictured of the satellite-radar. i mentioned that earl is racing
6:49 am
here off to the north and east. the last couple frames there pushing off to sea. that is good news dragging with the energy, the winds and the heavy rain. on the west side, here is you can see the cloud shield is out to western maryland and western virginia. that will push to the east. behind me here, we have clear skies. after morning cloudiness, we'll break out into the wash sunshine in the western area. let's take a look at winds. these are the most recent sustained winds about 37 miles per hour down into the carolinas the just offshore here in ocean city, about 4. not much of anything up in southern new england. earl will arrive later today up into southern new england where they will see winds gusting up to 50 to 60 miles per hour. a little further off not north and west here in town, our winds will be breezy at times out of the north and the northwest about 10 to 15 miles per hour. all right. it is warm out there, 78
6:50 am
degrees right now at reagan national. 75 at baltimore. cooler off to the west, winchester, 69. we'll be in the low 90s. we'll go about 91 today in town. that is well above average. we've got cooler weather on the way for the weekend. right now, the weekend looks fantastic. 91 this afternoon. partly sunny skies. i mentioned the rain showers south and east. we'll be breezy here in town at times. let's take a look at the five- day forecast. you can see it gets better from here. saturday, sunday and monday, high temperatures with low humidity in the low 80s. should be a fantastic weekend. we will warm up next tuesday but the next couple of days, look absolutely perfect. let's get to traffic now with julie wright. >> making the trip along southbound i-95, we've been talking about the crash down in nog newing ton tying up all but the two right lanes. now, accident is cleared. the crew in sky fox live over the scene right now. if you are continuing to work
6:51 am
your way southbound along i-95 along the left side of your korean. you will find you are in delays that extend from the capital beltway headed southbound working your way down to 7100. accident activity now pulled over to the shoulder. all lane are open but traffic volume still heavy and slow as you continue southbound. if you are coming northbound, you've got rubbernecking delays beginning back near route one out of woodbridge. nothing to report on the northbound side due to the rubbernecking delays. northbound, all lanes are open. southbound, traffic still slow from the beltway. we'll take it back inside. montgomery county, making your trip along 29, all lanes there are open. no problems to report as you continue to work your way around the capital beltway leaving college park headed over towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. as hurricane earl continues to track up the east coast, emergency crews are not taking any chans. >> fema , the red cross and state emergency officials are
6:52 am
ready for this. joining us is laura s out. uthard with emergency management. can you explain what you are experiencing there now as the storm moves in. >> well, the impacts have been somewhat less than we had planned for, which is the good news. but the storm isn't over yet. so we are keeping a close eye on the wind in case there are some power outages. we've had no road closures announced so far as a result of the weather. so that is good too. >> so what are you telling residents to be prepared for especially down along the coastal areas of virginia? >> this is still hurricane conditions so we should take the storm seriously. there is some additional rain but it is maybe as much as an inch along the coastline and the tides are up just a bit. rip currents are something that we are concerned about and, of course, if the storm decides to slow down, we could get some additional rain and wind. but so far, we are pleased with the track of the storm.
6:53 am
the weather forecasters seem to have been right on target. our precautionary steps are still there if we need to help the local government with anything in responding to the storm. >> we certainly hope that forecasters are going to be right on target for the rest of the day today. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> my pleasure. keep this in mind if you are planning on traveling on the bay bridge over the holiday weekend. officials are keeping a close watch on earl. they say weather might impact traffic and they are warning that there my be delays this morning and tonight. if you want to get up to the minute conditions on the bay bridge, the maryland transportation authority says call 1-877-bay span before you head out. if you are planning on taking metro this weekend, five stations on the red line will be closed. metro is working on one of the large of the maintenance projects in the system's history. they are putting safety improvements into place. those recommended by the ntsb following last year's deadly red line crash. so starting at 10:00 tonight,
6:54 am
the tacoma, silver spring, forest glen, wheaton and glenmont stations will closed. service will resume at those stations at 5:00 tuesday morning. let's talk pepco now. they heard more from frustrated customers last night. the recent summer storms left thousands without power and some of the outages lasted for days at a time. pepco has released an extensive plan it improve its reliability. customers say it is about time something changed. >> this has been going for so long now that i have pepco's number on speed dial on my cell phone because i know that the power is always going to go out. >> pepco continues to emphasize it did all it could to restore power as quickly as possible. but it has acknowledged that changes need to be made. dmv office as cross virginia are a little busier than normal. yesterday was the first day in a week that people were able to get their licenses.
6:55 am
a computer glitch brought the system to a complete stand still. and to handle the backlog, all dmv locations in virginia will be open until 6:00 tonight. several will also be open on saturday, sunday and monday including in alexandria, fair oaks and woodbridge. also, there is more information on under web links to help you out there. back to the morning's big stories. we'll continue to track hurricane earl stirring up high winds and heavy rain along north carolina's outer banks this morning. we'll go back out to ocean city for an update. also ahead, d.c. mayor adrian fenty and council chairman vincent gray are facing off on fox 5. the two top contenders in the mayoral race will debate live coming up in our 9:00 a.m. hour. the latest in the campaign trail is coming up just ahead on fox 5 morning news. it's not back-to-school,
6:56 am
6:57 am
it's forward to what's next with an hp netbook, samsung reality, or lg cosmos for under $20 after rebate.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> welcome back. fox 5 game of the week is back. we want to say a big congratulations to the winners. woodson at fairfax. 48% of the vote. we will be at that game live tonight at 5:00. be sure to catch extended highlights on that will do it for the 6:00 hour. allison an steve are in to take you through the next few hours. >> good morning, gurvir. coming up, hurricane earl is ripping its way up the east coast. the north carolina outer banks are taking a hart hit. the massive storm will impact our beaches over the holiday weekend. >> we will get the latest on the investigation into the discovery channel building. police searched the home of the suspected gunman, james lee. we hear from the authority of the book that was the focus of his obsession. and

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